Experience / Best practices

Throughout our 20 years of working with more than 300 companies from different industries such as agriculture, automobile, infrastructure concessionaries and mass consumption importers, at NetGO we have managed to identify the best practices implemented by companies for an adequate Financial Risk Management as well as their most common mistakes.

The lessons learnt enable us to adequately diagnose each company’s situation by identifying:

  • What methods they perform correctly
  • What aspects should be improved
  • What processes they should implement to meet the quality standards in Financial Risk Management.


NetGO is an ally for your company. The recommendations we give our customers never represent any conflict of interest, since we make no transactions with companies in derivatives.

The best of two worlds

Our team has a vast experience in the market of financial derivatives and has a deep knowledge of the reality inside companies, which is a differentiating element to our customers.

Financial data integration

On Xymmetry our customers can see their own currency mismatch and can thus control and manage their Hedge Control needs appropriately..

Our solutions combine a thorough financial knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to reduce the operational/financial risks the companies are exposed to.

Open phone line

We have a group of specialists in Financial Risk Management who are available to clear your doubts via our telephone line, company chat and video conference.