Francisco Awad


NS Agro

The main value I see in your company is "trust"

It is essential to me that your recommendations present no conflict of interests. We are certain that NetGo is always on our side when supporting us in our transactions, as they are not the counterpart.
Important too is that you can talk directly to the founding partners as they give you a world-class advisory showing years of experience in the business.
This is highly appreciated in this kind of financial risk consultancies because of the high impact they have on the company’s results.

Jorge Ramírez Gossler

Corporate Vice-president of Administration and Finance


In NetGO we have found a strategic partner

In view of the volatility the dollar has experienced the past years it is essential to be proactive in order to mitigate risks. In NetGO we have found ourselves a strategic partner with whom we design the hedge strategies for the different currencies Molymet is exposed to.

Molymet is the main processor of molybdenum and rhenium in the world, with a participation in the global processing capacity of 35% and 70% respectively. Currently the company has industrial plants in 4 countries: Chile, Mexico, Belgium and Germany, and commercial offices in England, China, the United States, Brazil, Peru and Chile.

Andrés Díaz

Assistant Manager of Finance Administration and Treasury


With NetGO we have been able to better manage the exchange risk

In Colombia we are very much exposed to the volatility of the exchange rate. For this reason, two years ago we started with the implementation of a strategy to manage the exchange risk. During this time, NetGO has given us extremely valuable insight in the market and has accompanied us in the process of defining the contracting of the hedge that best adjusts to our situation.

PRECISAGRO is part of DISAGRO and is the only Colombian importer with farming nutrition products and farming protection products in its portfolio.